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There’s some adage often probably wrongly attributed to David Ogilvy about advertising more when times are bad. Underneath the ill-quoted LinkedIn fodder is a lesson about seizing on opportunity, and that’s where my creative focus has been lately: finding and seizing on opportunity.

When you start out, it’s all about the catchy creative. But when you’ve gotten the hang of that, you want catchy creative through the campaign that targeted the people that no one else is in targeting. In the perfect way. At the perfect time. I have prided myself on finding gaps in the market. If everyone is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on digital ads, I like making millions from a few strategic and beautiful mailers. I don’t just create a design that stops your eye. I make sure that it’s in the right place of the magazine so that it magically opens to that spot, catches your eye, and is good enough to show to your friends. That’s what creative advertising is to me.

I have been using Keith and team for over 4 years for website, video, print ads, direct mail and other creative work for my law firm. They are excellent. High quality work, VERY, and fast.

Adam Loewy — Loewy Law Firm

Much of my success in advertising comes from teamwork. Research, focus groups and testing, synergy with vendors, and well-aligned brand advertising comes from collaboration and a willingness to understand all stakeholders. I’ve never been alone in a room creating 360º campaigns. I may have been managing and nurturing the process, but I run the process with great teams.

Captivating creative campaigns come out of a process of questioning and tweaking, looking at copy and art from new, more innovative angles, seeking more intuitive and personal ways of knowing an audience, and having the maturity to meet that audience with proper tone, clarity, and timing.

Kaplan Law Firm Ad

And that should be in every touchpoint with an audience. For it to truly be a campaign, the smallest details of an email to the chat experience in a digital store have to meet audience. This is the level of skill and strategic thinking that I’ve achieved in my many years as a creative director.