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Created a seamless digital brand and experience for a modern law firm. Scope included an online interactive brand book and style guide, new logo, integrated print ad to digital experience, SEO, and digital advertising.


The Kaplan Law Firm wanted a modern logo and brand that would set them apart from more traditional competitors. Many of their clients are young, tech savvy, and interested in a more contemporary firm, so I developed these badge logos with the shirt and tie / scales of justice artwork to resonate with their target audience.

Photography and art direction

Continuing with this modern style, I went with a sharp, confident style and made use of the textures of east Austin to really connect with Kaplan Law Firm prospects.

Sleek, flexible site

Kaplan Law Firm needs to quickly move on current employment issues, so though we wanted a sharp, digital native look to the site, it was equally important to create a WordPress site that would facilitate the swift creation of beautiful, content-rich landing pages.

Digital interactive brand standards & collaboration

I love working with online brand standards. Since standards are alive, always-changing, and begging to be shared with writers, designers, and content creators, I’ve completely switched over to a WordPress brand standard platform that I created. It helps with collaboration during the process and for Kaplan Law Firm, it’s a great way to onboard new employees and contractors.

Smart, efficient advertising

Kaplan Law Firm knew that they needed a different model for advertising and didn’t want to overwhelmed by unqualified leads. Instead of blowing their budget in the same old law firm ways, we took out targeted ads in print, digital, and radio. There was very little waste in the campaign and lots of opportunity in these Kaplan leads.

Kaplan Law Firm Ad

ClientKaplan Law FirmPhotographerSarah Frankie LinderDesignersMadison GrubeMarketing/SEOJackie Berger