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More reviews, please

Bazaarvoice is a pioneer in collecting authentic customer opinions and experiences, and they came to Invenio to create the customized and branded mobile app extension for big clients like Walmart, Redken, Unilever, and Sherwin Williams. This app would be used to generate high volume, authentic social-proof content at special events and brick and mortar locations.

My initial primary role was to guide our designers through developing the best user experience possible and manage client relationships. This app was expected to collect all the right data and still be clear and intuitive to use. Confusing questions and long docent scripts could cause a bad experience and cost thousands reviews. We tested a variety of product search, product display, and question pagination options to truly optimize the experience. In every way, this testing and thoughtful methodology avoided high-pressure disasters at each review collection event.

As the first iterations of our app launched, it was clear to me that there was a bigger, more strategic opportunity ahead. I decided that the initial scope of the work wouldn’t have enough impact and recommended a new path: we needed to guide these companies in incorporating review collection into their marketing ecosystems.

As the first iterations of our app launched, it was clear to me that there was a bigger, more strategic opportunity ahead.

Bazaarvoice & Becel

A new approach

With clients on board with integrating review collection into a broader strategy, I managed strategy development and execution for not only the apps but also the review events and SEO content generation.

This called for cross-functional collaboration across Product, Design, and Marketing. We guided clients in understanding how to leverage the reviews to drive traffic, recommend products, and convert users.

By the time a product was ready for market, Marketing teams had ample content for SEO and knew how to use it, accelerating the product’s growth trajectory.

Impact IRL

We coached Walmart US on how to leverage their existing expo events for review collection with the app. One of these events — Chosen by Kids — generated over 10,000 unique reviews in just one weekend. This event alone was such an amazing success that Walmart Canada followed suit the following year.

At the Purina Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, exclusive partners in attendance could use the app to solicit verified product reviews from show dog handlers, professionals, and other attendees. Reviews were available for immediate publishing on partner sites, which would boost their SEO and on-page conversions as well as give Purina updated analytics on the partner relationship.

With over 12 mobile review apps created, we generated hundreds of thousands of product reviews for new and existing products that would help major brands make strategic decisions and improve results. This helped Walmart US and Canada choose their newest products to promote, Purina assess and optimize their relationships with vet and ambassador partners, and many other e-commerce sites get fresh new social-proof content that boosted SEO and improved sitewide conversion.

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