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Loewy Law Firm

In a highly competitive, SEO and SEM market, personal injury lawyer, Adam Loewy, was paying too much for low quality leads, which was wasting precious time and energy for a lean firm. Adam is marketing-savvy, knows what he wants, and strives to reach central Texans beyond the SERP. We wanted to do more than just dominate search results as cost-effectively as possible. We wanted to connect the Loewy Law brand with the community it serves. Together, we developed several large-scale campaigns across print and digital to build meaningful engagement with more impressions and ultimately help more central Texans.

Brand strategy

Adam is more than a lawyer. He’s a dedicated philanthropist and civil rights advocate. It was important to highlight his values in a genuine way and to bring awareness to what personal injury law is and can contribute to a community. Expanding the narrative to the great work he was already doing in the community opened up new earned media opportunities where competitors weren’t, such as news segments and article placements.

Loewy Law Firm

Customer-first site

To reach and nurture a wide audience, we needed a site that would properly convey the quality of service Loewy Law Firm offers clients and would have a competitive SEO advantage. That’s why I started by developing a best-in-class custom WordPress website. The site features engaging content and effective, self-deployed campaign tracking and analytics.

We took a low conversion, static, content-heavy SEO site and transformed it into a dynamic client-first site experience with live chat, interactive client intake forms, and streamlined navigation. Built with distinct user personas in mind, the site provides each visitor a personalized on-page experience with dynamic content and callouts.

From digital to physical

From magazines to mailers and billboards, we brought the same sophistication on the new site into print. Magazine placements were intentionally reaching the Loewy Law brand beyond the over-saturated media typically used in law firm marketing. Placements highlighted Adam as an active citizen.

We designed and launched a quarterly newsletter referral campaign to other lawyers across Texas. We shipped 35,000+ units and optimized lead gen costs to extend the Loewy Law brand beyond SEO and PPC. Putting Adam top of mind for other leading lawyers in Texas produced higher quality leads at a 96% cost reduction.

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