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As the creative leader of an agency producing a wide range of work, I wasn’t about to place it safe with our brand.


As Creative Director of Invenio, I managed the naming, identity, and brand and over the years created so much swag, leave behinds, and collateral. This takes a lot of management and design and cultivating 10+ year relationships with vendors.

Web design

I’ve designed three websites for Invenio, and the most recent iteration was all about showing off work. Since we wanted to quickly post any new client work, I developed a flexible custom WordPress site that made flexible layouts fast and easier for any of my designers.

Email & social campaigns

I’ve created many bulletproof email campaigns that push what’s possible with email design and marketing. At Invenio, we mainly advertised for our art events and involvement in the East Austin Studio Tour and created some really cool campaigns with coordinated email and social.


When I started with Invenio, video on the web was a new and uncertain thing. I wanted to create a sizzle reel that got our prospects excited about using this burgeoning part of my work. 

Social content

Though we didn’t use social for prospecting clients, I knew we needed to extensively use it as a quick and easy way to show that we do creative, innovative work. I developed brand standards, shoots, and calendars to put out lots of great content for social.

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