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In school and in my early experience, I learned about branding as something academic and contained: “these are the assets you create, and here are the aspects of a brand that must be shaped.” But with each creation of a brand — from the early small logo and collateral to the larger projects that have had separate brand books and sites for each company division — my idea of brand has expanded greatly.

Every time I’m speaking with a client, we’re creating the brand. As my team or their team is working each day, brand is being shaped and created. I take every expression of brand seriously and try to get my clients to value holistic brand creation as well.

Over time, this eye for brand has moved across all of my disciplines: design and messaging, film and video, marketing and advertising, and a company’s mission, internal messaging, business strategy, and long-term goals.

Chaparral Foundation Collateral

As this perspective has shifted, so have my tools: I’ve developed more robust methods of research and testing, created interactive brand books and client questionnaires and processes, and sought out more sophisticated brand management systems.

I’m proud to have developed a brand creation process that truly scales. It’s niche and nimble to birth the brand that everyone will know in five years, and it’s flexible to rebrand across multiple company verticals with thousands of documents and sites that need a thorough upgrade to pair with the company’s next horizon of development.