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I know production. I’ve owned a studio, have produced hundreds of videos, commercials, and films and have a sharp eye from the entire process. From conception to production through editing and post production, I know how to tell a finely tuned visual story.

As someone who has worked as a pre-production artist, gaffer, director, cinematographer, photographer, stylist, editor, and visual effects and motion graphics artist, I know the process and how to foster and push creativity through demanding schedules and visions.

For over five years, Keith and Invenio have filled in the gaps in our small creative team and deliver great work.

Trish Olives — KIPP Texas, YETI

I cut my teeth as creative director on projects that included bold, scrappy short films, compelling photography, and ambitious web videos. At the time, clients were skeptical of bold photography and video on the web, and TV and industrial films were on autopilot.

As some of my favorite tools in connecting with audiences, I was a big proponent of new and exciting ways to tell stories on the web and in traditional media. I’ve been daring with my creative, and millions of people have seen my work as a result. And obviously, this has made my clients very happy.

Kaplan Law Firm Shoot
Kaplan Law Firm Shoot

From my hundreds of nonprofit films with I Live Here, I Give Here to my Lexus product films, I’ve always done a lot with little, and these projects were great successes.

My extensive experience getting these projects from concept to success has me pushing campaigns to more expansive vision with careful, creative targeting.