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Big Picture Lab

I’ve worked as a designer, copywriter, motion graphic artist, programmer, and filmmaker for almost 20 years, first as a freelancer then in agencies. I’ve partnered with marketers, printers, experiential designers, strategists, and PR firms on a wide variety of 360º degree, cross-functional campaigns and projects.

From small companies wanting to make their mark on a scene to global brands with an appetite for big paradigm shifts, I’ve guided creative and logistics through successful campaigns that defined vision for my collaborators and always yielded big results and increased revenue, exposure, and brand equity.

Our product required intense video production, creative, design, editing, and strategy, and Keith’s team helped us at every step of the way. Our company would not be where it is today without them.

Matt King — Your Trainer, 24 Hour Fitness

We’re living and working in an exciting time with myriad problems and challenges, and the opportunities to separate ourselves are getting slimmer. I cut my teeth in Austin on projects that sidestep this roadblock, and I’ve made my name on daring projects in campaigns with an eye on ambitious growth.

My creative direction may have began with visual identity, design, and copywriting but was quickly forced into solving bigger problems that span logistics, public relations, marketing, design, and experience to make big gains for my clients. I’m thankful for early challenges like I Live Here, I Give Here that proved my ideas about growth and creative success.

Most recently, I’ve focused how to creatively connect with people in new, obscured networks that taken the place of our slipping social networks and clickable with creative that’s daring and connects to users with leaving them feeling used and tossed aside.