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Carrie Contey

Creative content generation, video production, and viral promotion generated tens of thousands of leads and increased revenue for Carrie, a coach for individuals, couples, and families.

Relating to parents gets views

After Carrie scrapped a larger project with another team in search of more relatable, story-driven content, we got connected. I assembled a small crew to develop the concept and script and film this fun video all in one weekend. It was so much fun (despite being the coldest, rainiest day of the year) and received over 8,000 views on its first day of posting, more than doubling the reach of her audience at the time.

A world of wonder comes alive

Carrie originally came to me with recorded testimonials from several clients. We discussed turning these transformative stories into animations. I developed and rigged characters, created storyboards for the content, and animated with no final edits. Over the years, I’ve developed a seamless animation process that is collaborative and includes the client throughout the process. We got to a final product and results faster, together.

Creative DirectorKeith ManloveScript EditorGeorge BragdonTalentSami Hale, Susan Olafson, Jax KnappCrewNeta Bomani, Sarah Frankie LinderEditorTaylor Womack